Performance Inspector ™ for ZOS


  1. Download the Performance Inspector for ZOS package.
  2. Create a directory and untar (tar -xzovf pi_zos.tar.gz) the tools package into that directory.

  3. From the directory you created, execute ". ./tinstall" to perform the installation.

  4. From the directory you created, execute ". ./setrunenv" to set the required environment variables.

You may run ". ./tinstall" and ". ./setrunenv" as many times as you like, since they will detect what has already been done and do only what is required.

NOTE: For tinstall to properly install the package, you must be sure that java is already in your PATH. If it is not, you will be warned to do so, then execute tinstall again.

This package contains both and Based upon which version of java is found, the matching version of JPROF will be copied to If you change your version of java, simply execute tinstall again to ensure that is the correct version. Alternatively, you can substitute "jprof31" or "jprof64" for "jprof" in any java invocation.

NOTE: You must use ". ./setrunenv" to setup the required environment varibles each time that you start a new command shell. The ". " must precede "./setrunenv" to make the environment changes permanent for this shell instance.

You may also use ". ./setrunenv x" to add x to your path, if it is not already present.


The Performance Inspector package can be removed by executing ". ./tinstall REMOVE". This script will restore any system files replaced by ". ./tinstall", then it will delete the backup files.

Platform Differences

Although TPROF is not supported on ZOS, JPROF still supplies address-to-name information for use by other profilers.

JPROF has a ZOS specific parameter, asid. If asid is specified, all occurrences of the Process Id (PID) are replaced by the ASID in all reports.