Installing Performance Inspector ™ for Linux

Supported systems


Performance Inspector is designed to work without the need to patch the kernel source code. Instead, it builds a kernel module compiled against the currently running kernel. This module takes advantage of the same system hooks used by OProfile, so we can be notified on timer ticks, task exit and memory unmap. For Dispatch hooks and ITrace, we use kprobes (ppc64) or run-time kernel patching (x86, x86_64).

You need the following prerequisites to compile and run Performance Inspector:

Installation using the tarball

  1. Make sure you have a softlink (or directory) to /usr/src/linux that matches your kernel (See Prerequisites).
  2. Make sure you have a (See Prerequisites).
  3. Download the complete source tarball pi_linux_src-20100715.tar.gz
  4. Untar package:

  5. tar -xzf pi_linux_src-20100715.tar.gz
    cd Dpiperf
  6. From Dpiperf directory, run


    This will build and install user space tools. You will be asked for JDK directory if not in the path.
  7. Change to root (su) and from Dpiperf directory run


    This will build, install, and load the kernel driver.

Setting up the environment

A warning about ITrace

Since ITrace can hang your system. In the current package on x86 and x86_64 systems, ITrace run-time patches stay in the kernel until the computer is rebooted, so do not manually unload the driver after collecting an ITrace. On PPC64, ITrace support can be safely removed by unloading the driver.

Known Problems